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Founded in New York in 1999, WANT Branding is a twenty-first century brand agency that offers in-house, world-class expertise across four major disciplines of branding: Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Identity & Brand Research.

For the last two decades we have committed ourselves to a simple cause: creating powerful, distinctive and memorable brands that outflank the competition, delight customers, and achieve extraordinary business results.

Our clients come in different shapes and sizes –– from small start-ups to mid-sized businesses to established global brands. What unites the companies we work with is their ambition to succeed, their desire to never stand still, and their need for outstanding results.

If you’re a client that wants to partner with an experienced team of global branding experts capable of creating high-performance brands at restless speed, then the team at WANT Branding wants to hear from you. Let’s talk.


New York, NY

Miami, FL

San Francisco, CA

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