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Background / Challenge:

GlynnDevins was founded in 1987 when the company began providing marketing solutions to the senior living industry. Since then, the company has completed multiple acquisitions that have enhanced their marketing technology capabilities and expanded their customer base into the finance, healthcare, and storage industries.

They approached WANT Branding in need of a partner that could quickly and effectively rebrand the company to position them for success in the marketing technology space.


The work began with discovery interviews with the executives of GlynnDevins and recent acquisitions. These interviews coupled with a competitive audit to gather actionable insights & marketplace intelligence served as the foundation for the rest of our branding activities and deliverables.

Next, WANT worked with the leadership team to reposition the company, choosing the positioning idea of “Engage With Success” to highlight the power of the company’s technology to engage with prospects and drive them to purchase. Additionally, the positioning serves as a call to action for customers, prospects, employees, and recruits to engage with a company who can bring success across a range of dimensions.

After completing the positioning, WANT began developing names for the new brand. The final name of Attane was chosen after working through our strategic naming funnel. The short, powerful name references the company’s ability to deliver, or attain, their clients’ desired results.

Next, we created a messaging framework and tone of voice guidelines to ensure the brand communication would be consistent and resonant across touchpoints. The messaging framework provides actionable copy sorted by audience group and leveraging the brand building blocks or attributes we delivered with the brand positioning. The tone of voice delivered tenets, characteristics, and tips to ensure all future communication from the new brand would be powerful and consistent.



  • B2B
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity

New York, NY

Miami, FL

San Francisco, CA

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