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Exogenic Shock

Brand name creation involves massive amounts of due diligence. Legal and trademark checks in all countries of use, along with linguistic and cultural checks to help ensure naming ‘fails’ don’t happen. But sometimes, exogenic factors (i.e. outside forces) have an…

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Branding Kork

Founded in 2017, Eliza and Robert Wensley created Databook with the mission is to disrupt the massive $250 billion data brokerage industry. The new platform would give users the ability to log in, connect their data, customize their profile, and…

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Branding Metallic

Commvault, a recognized leader in data backup and recovery, announced the launch of Metallic, next-generation software-as-a-service (SaaS) data protection to the market, delivering Commvault's powerful core technology simply through the cloud. WANT Branding created the new Metallic brand name and…

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