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Background / Challenge:

In 2016, Anheuser Busch, a $45 billion conglomerate famous for Budweiser, set up a free-standing division —The High End— focused on acquiring as well as creating craft beers and spirits.

After quickly acquiring a portfolio that included Breckenridge Brewing, Stella Artois, Shock Top, and 10 Barrel Brewing, The High End saw an opportunity to create a new brand in the microbrewery segment in Miami, Florida.

Separately, The High End was also developing a new line of tonics (non-alcoholic mixers), made from the most carefully selected and finest botanicals. We partnered with The High End to create a new brand for both, the new microbrewery in Miami and their new line of tonics.


In Miami, The High End approached the brewmasters behind 10 Barrels Brewing to create this new Latin-focused brewery. After much research—for locations and types of beers— a final concept launched in Miami’s Wynwood art district. We determined that the name—based in Spanish, but functional in English; with the idea of “south”—had to speak to potential customers, beer drinkers, and locals alike.

For its line of tonics, The High End wanted a name that would conjure up the idea of purity and mindfully selected ingredients in the minds of consumers.


After reviewing over 100 name finalists with two separate teams within The High End, we were able to successfully reach final name candidates for both projects.

For the microbrewery, the name “Veza” was selected—an invented word taken from the Spanish word for beer (“cerveza”). The suffix “Sur” (Spanish for “south”) was appended to the name to further emphasize the idea that this is a brewery with beers crafted specifically for the area: refreshing, tropical and fun.

For the line of tonics, the name “Colorfield” was selected, a name which was thought to communicate the ideas of variety and purity, as well as nature.


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