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Informa Markets Fashion Rebrands to MMGNET Group

Informa Markets Fashion has a new name (created by WANT): MMGNET Group (pronounced “Magnet”), a new parent brand comprised of its existing B2B fashion-event brands — MAGIC, COTERIE, PROJECT and SOURCING at MAGIC. The mission of the new parent brand…


Brand New! Arq reveals new name and brand identity

Earlier today, Arq revealed its rebrand by ringing the opening bell at Nasdaq. Arq is a diversified, environmental technology company with products that enable a cleaner and safer planet while actively reducing our environmental impact. Over 8 months WANT Branding…


Giving a name to AI: cautionary tales and advice for brands

The AI Gold Rush is in full swing and brands of all stripes are rushing to establish their particular niches in this hugely profitable and increasingly crowded industry. New AI-centered brands, departments and products are cropping up by the day,…


Class of 2023 – Notable Names Branded by WANT

Time once again to honor our 'Class of 2023' . A selection of the new companies, products and brands that WANT Branding branded/named and launched in the past 12 months. Congrats to all of our wonderful clients & excited to…


WANT wins two awards at the 2023 North America Transform Awards!

Invited Clubs has a network of high-end country and golf clubs across the US. But it wanted its members – and prospective members – to feel part of an exclusive opportunity. WANT developed a visual identity shaped around the word…


The Influencer Rollercoaster: Branding Bliss & Blunders

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, influencers have become pivotal players in branding. They come in various forms, from YouTube content creators to Instagram fashionistas and TikTok trendsetters. The magnetism lies in their ability to create authentic connections with their audience,…


The Power of Brand Verbs: From Googling to X: Twitter’s Missed Opportunity

In the world of business and branding, few achievements are as coveted as becoming a verb. It signifies a level of cultural impact that transcends the product or service itself. When someone says they're going to "Google it," they aren't…


Brand New! ES Windows reveals new brand identity

Since its inception nearly four decades ago, ES Windows has emerged as a leading figure in window design, manufacturing, and installation. Over the years, their reach extended beyond just windows as they ventured into comprehensive architectural solutions, creating some of…

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