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Branding In An Economic Downturn

– It’s not time for cutbacks or standing still For over a year, economists have been waiting for a recession to arrive—but it keeps standing them up, and some say it might be called off completely. The resilience of the…


Origins of Branding

The word "brand" traces its origins in Old Norse, a language spoken by the Vikings in Scandinavia during the Viking Age (793-1066 AD). The Old Norse word "brandr" meant "to burn" and was initially used to mark livestock with a…


Brand Architecture: The Strategic Blueprint Behind the Brands You Love

Imagine this: you're walking through the aisles of your favorite store when your eyes meet a familiar sight—the Swoosh. Instantly, you know it's Nike. But wait, it's not only Nike; it’s Air Jordan, Converse, and Hurley, all comfortably nestled under…


Brand New! Ascertain Launches Optain, an innovative AI-powered eye healthcare company

Today Ascertain, a revolutionary collaboration between Aegis Ventures and Northwell Holdings, announced a seed funding round to launch Optain, an artificial intelligence company that enables early identification and disease prevention through retinal imaging. WANT was pleased to partner with Aegis…


Another Brand Touchpoint To Consider – Podcasts

In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, creating a distinctive brand is incredibly important in times good and bad. A great brand can allow companies to improve existing customer loyalty, retain and recruit great talent, and ultimately win more business…


Brand New! Apax Partners is now Seven2

As part of its efforts to become a leading private equity player in Europe, Apax Partners sas, based in Paris, has changed the name of its company to Seven2. Apax Partners invests in high-potential small and medium-sized companies in France…


Brand New! Prolink Unveils New Brand Identity

Prolink has just announced the launch of their new rebranding initiative, and it’s nothing short of amazing. The new brand identity is bold, modern, and designed to capture the spirit of innovation and excellence that defines Prolink. The new logo…


WANT is the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards Gold winner for Corporate Identity Redesign!

WANT Branding is pleased to have won Gold at this year's MUSE Creative Awards for Corporate Identity Redesign. Read more about the winning project here: 

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