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Naming Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

By Jonathan Bell, CEO & Founder at WANT Branding During a coffee break at TED in 2016, I struck up a random conversation with another TEDster, Eric Hirschberg, CEO/Activision. After exchanging a few pleasantries, I pointed to a logo on…


More Than Just A Name: When & How To Rename A Company Or Product

The 10 things every entrepreneur and CMO needs to know about when & how to rename a company or product. By Jonathan Bell, Founder WANT Branding Over the last thirty days, numerous iconic brands like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s…


Rules of Naming: Get the Right People Involved.

There are three groups of people to consider when embarking the naming process: 1. Decision-maker group: This is the core team who'll decide on the brief, review name candidates and be the main day to day group to work with…


Branding Alphia

On Monday, June 8, the new Alphia brand was officially announced after the merger of CJ Foods and American Nutrition, Inc. The company is a co-manufacturer of super-premium pet foods working with brands like Chewy, PetSmart, Smucker’s and Walmart Pure…


Bad Birdie’s Masterclass In Branding

Bringing brands to life is what we do, so we can’t help but tip our hats (or in this case golf clap) when a great brand is born. Bad Birdie is an apparel company bringing a more expressive style to…


Branding Sincro, An Ansira Company

Ansira Partners, Inc. an independent global marketing services and solutions company, announced the completion of the acquisition of the CDK Global (Nasdaq: CDK) Digital Marketing Business, which has been rebranded as Sincro. The agreement to acquire the company was signed…


Exogenic Shock

Brand name creation involves massive amounts of due diligence. Legal and trademark checks in all countries of use, along with linguistic and cultural checks to help ensure naming ‘fails’ don’t happen. But sometimes, exogenic factors (i.e. outside forces) have an…


Branding Considerations for Mergers & Acquisitions

Branding is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of mergers and acquisitions. This relegation of the brand is a missed opportunity to communicate a new, compelling vision for the merged entity. In a 2006 study of over 200 M&A’s, MIT Sloan…

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