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What We Do

WANT Branding is in the business of creating happy clients. We are a nationally recognized, B2B corporate branding agency that creates high performance brands for ambitious companies. Over the past 22 years, we have honed our processes and deliverables to work with extraordinary efficiency and high quality. We are proud of our team who is among the most experienced in the business.

At our core is naming – that’s how we started the business, but today we are known for a keen focus on four things: Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Identity & Brand Research. We call it the brand fundamentals and our clients appreciate that we are not trying to be the ‘whatever you need marketing agency.’ With over 120 reviews from satisfied clients, our success is evident in technology, healthcare, financial services, hospitality, energy, entertainment, private equity and more.

We have committed ourselves to a simple cause: creating powerful, distinctive, and memorable brands that outflank the competition, delight customers, and achieve extraordinary business results. Our clients come in different shapes and sizes – from small start-ups to mid-sized businesses to established global brands. What unites the companies we work with is their ambition to succeed, their desire to never stand still, and their need for outstanding results.

If you’re a client that wants to partner with an experienced team of global branding experts capable of creating high-performance brands at restless speed, then the team at WANT Branding wants to hear from you. Let’s talk.

Brand Strategy

According to a 2021 Gartner survey, thirty-three percent of CMOs rank brand strategy as one of their top marketing priorities.

Our Strategy work is anchored by three core deliverables designed to help answer three critical questions.

– what does your brand stand for? [Brand Definition]
– how should the brand be messaged and communicated to relevant stakeholders like customers, investors, and employees? [Brand Messaging]
– what’s the right go-to-market brand system to help organize your portfolio of products and offerings in a way that best serves your customers? [Brand Architecture]

Our unique Brand Definition process is comprised of three parts: 1. Brand Building blocks – the key adjectives that describe your brand, 2. Brand Positioning – a big, simple, impactful phrase (think: Starbucks’ The Third Place) that conveys the brand’s purpose, helps you stand out, speaks to the highest value your brand delivers to your customers, and galvanizes your employees and 3. Brand Manifesto, a written narrative of the brand’s intent that underscores the Positioning and Building Blocks. The result – a clear, common understanding of the brand’s “why” that helps uniquely position the brand to external and internal stakeholders and drive competitive advantage.

Brand Messaging builds on the foundational work of the Brand Definition by creating powerful messaging copy that clarifies the brand’s benefits for each core audience type.
The final deliverable is what we call a “messaging matrix”, with 4-5 audience types on the X axis, and up to 5 benefits on the Y axis that delivers actionable, benefit-driven copy.
The result – clarity and consistency among the brand, sales and marketing teams to ensure the brand speaks with the right message at the right time to the right audience type.

Finally, Brand Architecture helps to organize the way your brand(s) go-to-market from an outside-in – customer-based – perspective. It’s not about telling clients what you make, it’s about telling them how you can serve their needs and deliver offerings that solve their problems. Brand Architecture breaks down the levels of go-to-market offerings and creates a powerful foundation to help drive clarity and consistency in naming, ensuring that when product(s) are added to an Architecture system they fit properly and help to optimize customer decision making and enhance brand power.

// Brand Evaluation
// Brand Definition / Positioning
// Brand Messaging
// Brand Architecture


Brand Naming

Our Naming services include name development, trademark evaluation, linguistic analysis, and consumer research. Our dedicated in-house team of naming experts delivers powerful, memorable names that cut through the clutter and live forever.

For larger brands, we offer retainer agreements that enable us to be your ongoing naming partner. These longer-term assignments enable us to organize and optimize product/service names across an enterprise, as well as to be on call every month for any type of name development needs.

No other agency can match our naming experience nor the range of corporate/product brands we’ve named across every industry category. Take a look at the brand names we’ve created over the past 30 years to see how good we are.

// Company Naming
// Product Naming
// Trademarks & Linguistics Checks
// Naming Strategy & Guidelines


Brand Identity

Our Identity services help your brand to visually stand out – not just in your logo, but consistently and coherently across every single brand touchpoint and customer experience.

We’ll help you create a unique and differentiating logo/visual identity that blends the perfect combination of type, style, symbol and color. We create visual identities designed to be used across all digital and analog brand touchpoints. We deliver smart brand guidelines, workshops, and communication tools, to help ensure your brand identity creates is effectively deployed for all audiences – external and internal.

Inform and evaluate branding activities through research programs designed to uncover the beliefs, perceptions and expectations of current and prospective consumers.

// Logo Design
// Logo Style Guide
// Label & Packaging
// Website & Activation


Brand Research

Our Research services deliver data-driven insights in two main areas – discovery and validation.

BrandIQ is our in-depth quantitative customer research tool that reveals deep understanding of consumer loyalty, brand awareness, brand strengths, consumer needs, attitudes, motivations, preferences, and expectations as they relate to the brand and key competitors.

BrandCam™ is a fast-track insights tool that video captures in situ consumers to reveal attitudes and awareness of brands and customer needs.

BrandGauge is our quantitative research tool designed to assess and measure the effectiveness of new branding brand work (e.g., brand positioning ideas, name options, and logo designs).

BrandTrack provides ongoing tracking studies to monitor brand health, branding effectiveness and how likely customers would be to recommend your brand to a friend or colleague.

// BrandCam™ Research
// Quantitative Studies
// Brand Measurement
// Brand Performance


The Way We Work

Simple is smart

We reject complexity, jargon and textbook approaches to branding. Branding should be as straightforward as possible. We believe that simple ideas enter the brain faster.

Built for speed

We deliver big brand agency experience at start-up speed. We work faster and smarter than any other agency out there.

Stand out from the crowd

Our goal is to create great brands, but, in many ways, our job is far simpler: it’s to make you look good. Great work, great ideas delivered to be brutally effective and memorable.

The Business Business

We’re not a branding business, we’re a “business-business”. We create brands that are built to perform and designed to deliver results that go right to the bottom line.

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