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What We Do

WANT is an award-winning, nationally recognized branding agency that creates high performance brands for companies on the cusp of change. We’re a specialist agency that does four things really well: Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Identity & Brand Research. If you’re a client that wants to partner with an experienced team of branding experts capable of inventing and reinventing brands at restless speed, then we want to hear from you. Let’s talk.

Brand Strategy

Our Strategy work is designed to support companies facing an inflection point – whether it’s new brand creation, brand refresh, merger, expansion or restructuring, we deliver custom brand strategy solutions anchored by three core deliverables.

Brand Positioning & Definition
What does your brand stand for? and how does it uniquely meet the needs of your audience(s)?

Brand Messaging
Building on the Positioning & Definition foundation, how should the brand be messaged and communicated to relevant stakeholders like customers, investors, and employees?

Brand Architecture
What’s the right go-to-market brand system to help organize your portfolio of products and offerings in a way that best serves your customers?


Brand Naming

Our dedicated, in-house team of Naming experts delivers powerful, memorable and enduring brand names that tell a story and cut through the noise. Naming services include name development, trademark clearance, linguistic analysis, URL research and acquisition and name testing & validation.

For larger companies, we offer retainer agreements that enable us to work side-by-side with you to organize, optimize and create product/service names across an enterprise. We can also create naming decision-making tools to determine what types and styles of names work best and deliver actionable policy and guidelines to ensure control and consistency of naming.

Take a look at the brand names we’ve created over the past 30 years. No other agency can match our expertise or experience.

// Company Naming
// Product Naming
// Trademarks & Linguistics Checks
// Naming Strategy & Guidelines


Brand Identity

Our award-winning, world-class Identity and design team will help you transform your brand with substance and style.

Whether you’re looking for a bold brand change or an evolutionary refresh, we can help you create a distinctive and engaging logo & identity system that can play a crucial role in defining your brand’s strategy and story.

Our multi-disciplinary team has a unrivaled track record in creating logos and end-to-end visual identity systems that create a strong emotional connection between brand and your audience.

Beyond getting your brand seen, we can also make it heard. Our award-winning sonic branding team can create a unique ‘sonic signature’ to amplify your brand identity and make sure brand is not ‘on mute’.

// Logo Design
// Logo Style Guide
// Sonic Branding
// Website & Activation


Brand Research

Our Research services deliver data-driven insights in two main areas – discovery and validation.

BrandIQ is our in-depth quantitative customer research tool that reveals deep understanding of consumer loyalty, brand awareness, brand strengths, consumer needs, attitudes, motivations, preferences, and expectations as they relate to the brand and key competitors.

BrandCam™ is a fast-track insights tool that video captures in situ consumers to reveal attitudes and awareness of brands and customer needs.

BrandGauge is our quantitative research tool designed to assess and measure the effectiveness of new branding brand work (e.g., brand positioning ideas, name options, and logo designs).

BrandTrack provides ongoing tracking studies to monitor brand health, branding effectiveness and how likely customers would be to recommend your brand to a friend or colleague.

// BrandCam™ Research
// Quantitative Studies
// Brand Measurement
// Brand Performance

The Way We Work

Simple is smart

We reject complexity, jargon and textbook approaches to branding. Branding should be as straightforward as possible. We believe that simple ideas enter the brain faster.

Built for speed

We deliver big brand agency experience at start-up speed. We work faster and smarter than any other agency out there.

Stand out from the crowd

Our goal is to create great brands, but, in many ways, our job is far simpler: it’s to make you look good. Great work, great ideas delivered to be brutally effective and memorable.

The Business Business

We’re not a branding business, we’re a “business-business”. We create brands that are built to perform and designed to deliver results that go right to the bottom line.

Sherpas Not Oracles

We’re going to show you the way, not tell you the way. We propose and discuss and inform with facts and persuade with purpose. We find the right branding solution together.

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