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WANT Branding is one of the world’s best naming agencies.

For more than 30 years, WANT Branding’s team of naming experts have completed over 2,000 product naming and company naming projects – names that you’ve actually heard of, like Gillette Mach3, Sirius Radio, Cingular, Dell Inspiron, Call of Duty, Cricket Wireless, Aria Casino, Nexium, OneWorld Alliance, and many more.

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We Make Naming Easy

At WANT Branding, we know how hard it is to come up with a name for products, services and companies. Things like trademark conflicts, “.com”/URL availability, linguistic & cultural appropriateness are huge barriers to finding a perfect name. Only WANT Branding has the experience to help you overcome these challenges so that you can find a perfect name.

In-House Team Of Naming Experts

Our team of naming experts work fast and smart to deliver memorable, creative and trademark-viable name ideas. Other naming agencies generate names through things like crowdsourcing, brainstorming competitions or just recycle rejected names from old projects. These approaches just don’t work.

Meanwhile, beware of general branding agencies who claim they can do naming. These agencies often bundle in naming services as part of a broader package of brand solutions. These agencies don’t have a specialist team of naming experts like WANT Branding.

Custom-crafted Names In Four Weeks 

Working closely with your team, we utilize our proven, unique four-week process to create great names. We can help you manage all the pitfalls of naming to ensure that we arrive at shortlist of great names for your business, product or service. WANT Branding delivers big brand agency experience at start-up speed. We work faster and smarter than any other agency out there.

30 Years Of Satisfied Clients

WANT Branding is a top naming agency that delivers. We create memorable, inspired names that are trademark-viable and designed to stand out. And, on those rare occasions when we encounter a trademark conflict, we’ll generate more names if needed. Need proof of how good we are? Take a look at the names we’ve created or go see our 80 positive client reviews on agency review site

Names That Win

Our brand names have helped our clients to delight customers, dominate their categories and generate billions of dollars in revenue. Take a look at the names we’ve created


1. Discovery & Naming Blueprint

Our typical brand naming process kicks-off with a client work session – by phone or in person – to get briefed on the company, product/service or technology we’re naming.

We’ll discuss and agree on the core attributes and benefits of what it is we’re naming and prepare an analysis of the types of names we think will work the best. In our landmark, 5 min TED Talk “how to create a unique brand name” we outline the 7 unique types of names and their pros & cons.

We’ll also work with you to determine what the name fundamentally communicates by identifying 4-6 conceptual naming ‘avenues’ for exploration.

2. Name Development

Using the NamingBlueprint, our naming team promptly gets to work developing hundreds of ideas. For efficiency, our naming team integrates trademark checks into the creative process by searching the United States Patent Office database as well as conducting Google searches to eliminate any obvious brand name conflicts.

In the Round 1 naming presentation, we will present our NamingBlueprint as a reminder of the creative brief along with our 15-20 best name candidates. We’ll present our top name candidates with a rationale and derivation and include any noteworthy information from our trademark search results.

At the end of the Round 1 naming presentation, we’ll agree on a shortlist of candidates to retain and agree on specific areas of focus and any changes to the NamingBlueprint to guide Round 2 name development.


3. Name Refinement

In Round 2, once again, we’ll develop hundreds of ideas, guided by feedback from Round 1, and perform basic trademark and Google checks.

In the Round 2 presentation, we’ll share a new set of 15-20 name ideas and re-present the top candidates preferred from Round 1.

At the end of the round 2 presentation, we’ll jointly agree on a final shortlist of < 10 names to proceed to the final name validation phase.


4. Name Validation

Before a final name is selected, the final shortlist of names must undergo additional due diligence and trademark checks by trademark counsel.

Our team can assist with customer name evaluation research and we also have a worldwide network of linguists to make sure the new brand name doesn’t sound embarrassing or inappropriate in any language in relevant countries. The final name must be registered as a trademark in all markets/countries. We have a team of trademark lawyers if you’d like us to handle the trademark registration process.

Finally, as needed, we can help you create and pick an appropriate URL and provide guidance on securing the social media names too.



For three decades, we’ve perfected a name development process that consistently delivers great brand names for all kinds of businesses, products, and services.


Trademark screening is embedded into our name development process to ensure your name is legally ‘ownable’.


We evaluate names using a worldwide network of linguistic experts to guarantee relevance in global markets. We can also work with you to conduct customer name evaluation research.


Naming architecture and strategy should be intuitive and seamless for your customers. We can help create naming architecture and naming conventions that deliver a great customer experience.


We can help you create taglines that reinforce your brand strategy and messaging while helping your business and brand grow.


We can help you assess, create, and secure domain names and social media handles to ensure your brand succeeds across channels.

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