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Brand Naming

At WANT™, naming companies and products is in our blood.

It’s how we started as an agency 24 years ago.

Browse through our amazing portfolio of names below, our process and what makes us different.

Want a game-changing brand name that leaves a mark? Want to work with the #1 most recommended naming & branding agency in the US? Let’s talk.

Brand Naming Services


For three decades, we’ve perfected a name development process that consistently delivers great brand names for all kinds of businesses, products, and services. Our brand naming company will help you create a strong brand!


Trademark screening is embedded into our name development process to ensure your name is legally ‘ownable’.


We evaluate names using a worldwide network of linguistic experts to guarantee relevance in global markets. We can also work with you to conduct customer name evaluation research. Our investments in consumer research and linguistics have led us to identify key principles of language and uncover patterns of success that give our clients the ability to outperform competitors.


Naming architecture and strategy should be intuitive and seamless for your customers. We can help create naming architecture and naming conventions that deliver a great customer experience. We will also test the names with focus groups before settling on a final choice.


We can help you create taglines that reinforce your brand strategy and messaging while helping your business and brand grow.


We can help you assess, create, and secure domain names and social media handles to ensure your brand succeeds across channels.

Why Choose WANT?

1. Amazing Names Created Here

We deliver amazing, game-changing brand names. Go ahead, compare the brands we’ve named against the names created by other agencies. Only WANT Branding can deliver bold and memorable names with a built-in wow factor. If you are looking for a brand naming agency to create a brand name that wins, contact us for more information on our brand naming services.

2. Naming Made Easy

We know how hard it is to come up with a name for products, services and companies. Things like trademark conflicts, “.com”/URL availability, linguistic & cultural appropriateness are huge barriers to finding the right name. Only WANT Branding has the vision, experience and track record to make it easy to help you find the perfect name. Our team is incredibly responsive and eager to provide an exceptional level of client service.

3. Bona Fide Naming Experts

Our in-house team of experts works fast and smart to deliver memorable, creative and trademark-viable name ideas. Only WANT Branding delivers powerful, original names that cut through the clutter. Beware of general branding agencies who claim they can do ‘naming’. These agencies will often just bundle in ‘naming’ as part of a broader package of branding services, including visual identity, web design, and marketing. Other agencies in the industry don’t have a specialist team of in-house naming experts like we do.

4. ‘Sherpa-like’ Project Leaders

Our highly skilled team of experts will guide you through the naming process all the way to the top. We know all the pitfalls in creating a name and how to navigate and overcome every challenge. Together, we’re by your side, every step of the way. Only WANT Branding can help you find a unique, memorable, category-defining name.

5. C-Suite Superstars

Our expert naming team has tons of experience and credibility in the boardroom, too. Whether it’s presenting a final set of names to your leadership team, PR & Communications Manager or senior manager, or arming you with a strong presentation of our new name recommendations, only WANT Branding has the tools and experience to help you get buy-in and approval on a final name. Let’s talk about your brand naming project. We can help your emerging company choose a name that will truly stand out.

6. Research Gurus

Our in-house team of researchers can test and validate names to give you the data, insights and confidence to help select a final name. Only WANT Branding can deliver research services through our integrated, in-house team. We’ll also ensure that your name translates well into new markets and countries so that you don’t have to rebrand when you decide to expand.

7. Trademark Pros

Finding a legally viable name is really, really hard. Almost half a million new trademark applications are filed every year. Only WANT Branding can integrate trademark checks into the process so we can make sure the name ideas we present have a strong chance of being available. And, we have a team of trademark attorneys on hand to help to facilitate applications and approvals.

8. Smart Risktakers

When it comes to naming, we know how to push the envelope. The truth is, the best and most original names are the ones that can often feel unusual or even uncomfortable at first. Only WANT Branding can help you see the power and potential of a name so that you can make the right choice –– a name that stands out, makes your strategy visible, and helps you dominate your category.

9. More Than Naming

Most naming agencies can only do one thing: naming and that’s it. Naming-only agencies might help you to create a catchy word or company name but why would you just stop there? Only WANT Branding can offer a fully integrated suite of services including Branding Strategy, Brand Identity and Brand Research services to bring your new brand name to life and get you to launch.

10. Thirty Years Of Very Happy Clients

On thousands of brand naming projects over the last three decades we always deliver for our clients. Check out the more than 100 positive client reviews and endorsements on Only WANT Branding can guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our work and effective name ideas. Let’s talk.

Brand Naming Process

1. Discovery & Naming Blueprint

The brand naming process kicks-off with a client work session – by Zoom or in person – to get briefed on the company, new product line or technology we’ll be naming.

At the kick-off meeting, you’ll brief us on the product and discuss/agree on some parameters to guide name creation. We’ll agree on a checklist of name criteria, the core attributes, value and benefits of the new brand, target audience and recommend the types of names we think will work the best (check out our TED Talk “How to create a unique brand name” to get an overview on the 7 types of names). We’ll also work with you to determine what the product names should communicate by identifying 4-6 conceptual naming ‘avenues’ to guide creative exploration.

The information and output from this work session will then be summarized into a brief we call NamingBlueprint –  this will be the strategy that will guide our naming team and also be your lens through which to evaluate name ideas

2. Name Development

Using the NamingBlueprint as the brief, the creative minds in our in-house naming team will get to work developing hundreds of new ideas. To save time, we’ll conduct trademark checks as we create names as well as doing Google searches and URL checks to eliminate any obvious brand name conflicts. Our goal is to create a strong range of name ideas for the the first presentation.

In the Round 1 naming presentation, we will present our NamingBlueprint as a reminder of the creative brief we’ve followed along with our 20 best name candidates. Each name will appear in a consistent graphic form along with a rationale and derivation of why we think the name works.

At the end of the Round 1 naming presentation, we’ll agree on a shortlist of great names to keep in the running and agree on the strategic areas of focus for naming in Round 2


3. Name Refinement

In Round 2, once again, we’ll develop hundreds of ideas, guided by feedback from Round 1, and perform basic trademark and Google checks.

In the Round 2 presentation, we’ll share a new set of 20 great name ideas and re-present the top candidates preferred from Round 1.

At the end of the round 2 presentation, we’ll jointly agree on a final shortlist of < 10 names to proceed to the final name validation phase

4. Name Validation

Before the final brand name is selected, the top shortlist of names must undergo trademark checks by trademark counsel.

Most of our clients use their own in-house legal team to conduct the final trademark checks, but WANT has a team of trademark lawyers it works with regularly if you’d like our help to conduct searches or handle the paperwork for the trademark registration.

Our expert team of research staff can assist with name evaluation research and we also have a worldwide network of linguists to make sure the new brand name doesn’t sound inappropriate or embarrassing in any language in relevant countries.

Finally, we can help you create and secure a URL for the brand and recommend how to secure the social media handles too.

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