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Invited Clubs has a network of high-end country and golf clubs across the US. But it wanted its members – and prospective members – to feel part of an exclusive opportunity. WANT developed a visual identity shaped around the word ‘Invited,’ which is rendered in a script-style type. The identity delivers a sense of belonging through rich lifestyle photography and a textural palette of color and patterns.

ClubCorp and Apollo-run Invited Clubs needed its membership offer to feel more bespoke, personal and intimate. It worked with WANT on the brand for Invited Clubs, particularly focusing on the typeface. The new identity is founded in a warm, welcoming logo rendered in a handwriting-inspired script. The result is both traditionally elegant and contemporarily refined. “This typography makes me want to be ‘invited,’” said one judge.

WANT is pleased to have won Silver and Bronze at this year’s Transform Awards.

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