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Background / Challenge:

Arkadium has been reinventing content since it was founded in 2001. They established themselves as one of the first casual gaming companies when they created the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, one of the first games to come with every Microsoft computer. Today it remains as one of the games loaded on all Windows 10, Windows 8, and Microsoft mobile devices.

Within the last 17 years, the company has been creating engaging, revenue-generating content used by hundreds of global publishers including USA Today, Comcast and CNN.

In 2017, Arkadium launched their newest product, “InHabit”. It combines AI and human capabilities to create interactive content that supplements editorial content. Thus enhancing the online experience for users and allowing publications to further engage with their audience.

As the company embarked on a new chapter, they felt their business evolving from being ‘just a gaming company’ to something much bigger. They sought out a brand consultancy to create a new set of ‘brand fundamentals’ that represented this new phase in their business.


Working closely with CEO Jess Rovello, Co-Founder Kenny Rosenblatt and Senior Marketing Director Eric Bougard, we helped craft a new brand positioning, core messaging for key audiences, a new identity and brand guidelines that better represented their new vision and had the ability to endure any evolutions in their organization.

Their Brand Idea “Infinite Possibilities” was derived from their existing mission to unlock infinite possibilities for their partners and themselves by reinventing content. Collaboratively, we agreed that this idea still embodied their core values and would endure future changes in their business.

The Arkadium logo we created is bold and dynamic and consists of two parts: the infinity icon and the logotype. The design is at the heart of our visual system, designed to represent infinite possibilities, innovation, and forward-thinking.

The Idea of ‘Infinite Possibilities’ also manifests itself in the imagery of people in real-life situations, enjoying, engaging & achieving… truly living up to the notion of ‘Infinite Potential’.


Within the past year, Arkadium has grown to a 95 person organization and revenues grew 17 percent to $14.4 million.

As of 2018, Arkadium has already announced their partnership with Associated Press in addition with their plans to reinvest in creating free-to-play mobile games.

Arkadium’s new brand undoubtingly communicates their modern and bold mentality as well as their core business values to employees and partners.


  • B2B
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity

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