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Panasonic Avionics


Panasonic Avionics Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of in-flight entertainment and communication systems. They were on the verge of launching a new, flagship in-flight entertainment system and approached WANT in need of a partner who could develop a powerful brand name for the flagship offering while at the same time cleaning up their portfolio and guiding the organization toward more consistent naming practices.


The work began with discovery interviews with the executive and product leadership teams. The goal of the interviews was to understand the flagship offering: the benefits it delivers, competitive equivalents, customer needs.  At the same time we needed to understand how the offering fit in the broader portfolio and what that portfolio looked like from a brand perspective.

Next, WANT worked with the leadership team to choose a name for the offering. We went through 3 rounds of naming before shortlisting and aligning on the name Astrova. The name subtly implies flight and was from the idea “striving for new heights” in in-flight entertainment.

After completing the naming, WANT presented the current mapping of the Panasonic brand architecture along with recommendations to improve the architecture and provide clarity to customers.

Finally, WANT developed a naming policy to guide future naming at Panasonic. The policy document explained why we name things, types of names we might consider, and included a naming decision tree to reign in naming practices and ensure a standardized approach to naming.


  • Brand Research
  • Naming landing
  • Brand Naming

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