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Background / Challenge:

Headquartered in Montreal, ACASS provides global customized support services for the business aviation industry. With a wide-ranging knowledge of aviation regulations worldwide, ACASS operates in the US, Canada, India, the Middle East, Russia, Africa, China, Southeast Asia, and South America, specializing in: Flight Crew Staffing, Aircraft Management, Ferry & Delivery, Interim Lift, Entry Into Service and Charter.

In the spring of 2018, ACASS was launching a new mobile app that would connect private jet owners with pilots and flight crew. Jet owners and operators need pilots and flight crew who are certified, vetted and dependable – and they also need an easier way to find them. Meanwhile, Flight crew need a trusted platform to help them find opportunities with jet owners and operators.

The new app would bring together operators and flight crew in one easy and seamless on-line platform – via app or web.

WANT Branding was asked to create the new brand elements including Brand Strategy, Brand Naming and Brand Identity. We were also tasked with creating a an activation program.


We began by embarking on a three-week discovery phase that included conducting interviews, marketplace audits and insight mining to help determine what the new brand should stand for.

We also conducted worksessions at ACASS’ offices in Montreal. While there were several other apps that could connect jet owners and flight crew, none had managed to bundle a range of necessary features nor create a UX that was sticky and compelling.

Because the new brand would be a flexible and trusted partner to jet owners and aviation staff around the world—we created the positioning line ‘Keep Flying’. This idea underscored that the new tool helps operators and crew connect with confidence so that they could focus on discovering opportunities and doing business together and keep their focus where it’s needed: being in the air.

Using the ‘Keep Flying’ positioning as our strategic foundation for naming we created hundreds of name ideas and again worked closely with the leadership to identify a small shortlist.

One candidate emerged overwhelmingly from the process – ‘CrewBase’. For flight staff, this underscored a reliable platform for job finding. For Jet owners, it evoked the idea this tool would take care of all their travel staffing needs.

Finally, we created a bold, modern and memorable brand identity/logo and recommendations for how to activate the brand across touch-points along with how the brand should be communicated.


The new brand was soft launched at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) in October 2018.

Although our app hasn’t launched yet, we’re confident that their work will give us a distinctive, compelling brand identity that will capture the attention of the industry.
– VP of Strategic Communications


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  • Brand Identity
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