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Background & Challenge

D+H is a global payments and lending technology provider serving nearly 8,000 financial institutions, specialty lenders, community banks, credit unions, governments and corporations. It has more than 5,500 employees in 15 countries, with annual revenues in excess of $2 billion.

Due to its dynamic growth, both organically and via acquisition, D+H found itself with divisions, products and offerings that overlapped or were outright duplicative, and a vast portfolio of offerings that didn’t quite make sense.

D+H approached us in 2016 after learning that we had recently assisted one of the financial institutions it had only just acquired (FundTech) with a very similar challenge.


Over the next five months, we conducted numerous interviews of key stakeholders, participated in demos of key products, and learned about D+H’s entire portfolio of offerings, past, current and future.

With this information, we set off to create a newly organized and aligned product/offering portfolio, with new product names and clear hierarchies, all while retaining names that were determined to have equity.


A new, clear and easy-to-understand product brand architecture system, and a straightforward good-better-best hierarchy, along with an overarching division name ‘Total’ to denote D+H’s holistic solutions.


  • B2C
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming

New York, NY

Miami, FL

Denver, CO

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