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Kimberly-Clark is a $19B American company that makes some of life’s essential products for home, school, work and on the go. Throughout its 150-year history, KCP has a strong legacy of innovation creating new categories with top brands like Kleenex, Huggies, Kotex and more.

Based in Atlanta, Kimberly-Clark Professional is a subsidiary dedicated to creating workplaces that are healthier, safer and more productive. From innovative products to insightful solutions, KCP is constantly in pursuit of the perfect working environment.

In 2015, KCP approached WANT Branding to create a new Smart Restroom & Technology solutions brand.

The new solution would harness machine-to-machine connectivity of the Internet of Things to bring distribution sales professionals and their customers a smart restroom management system. The system provides up-to-the-minute monitoring of restroom conditions from any device or location, 24 hours a day.

Attributes of the system would include:

  • Connected sensors are embedded into proprietary towel, tissue, soap dispensers and door counters.
  • Real-time data is sent to the cloud over a secure network.
  • Automatic text messages alert building managers to product and battery levels, usage, jams, and overall traffic.
  • Remote confirmation is delivered when an issue has been resolved.

The system enables building managers to reallocate resources to enhance productivity.


Working with a cross-functional team from product marketing and innovation, we worked with KCP for 3 months to create a new brand.

One of the key insights came from one of our group worksessions “Buildings today are smarter than ever with sensors and software managing everything from lighting and security to HVAC systems and more, however, the restroom, which is one of the top three areas of tenant complaints, has been largely overlooked”

We recommended a new brand positioning idea “Intelligence Everywhere” to support the smart capabilities across all aspects of this novel system. The name ‘Onvation’ helped to underscore the innovative qualities of this new system and an always ‘on’ system thanks to the power of IoT.


Research from KCP has indicated that seventy-three percent of tenants say a bad restroom signals poor management. Now, with Onvation Technology, building managers can make sure their restrooms measure up to the rest of their properties.


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