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Background / Challenge:

Mavenir is a global software company that works with over 250 mobile telecommunications CSPs (Communications Service Providers) to deliver cloud native, web-scale technologies. Founded in 2005, and operating in a highly competitive industry against entrenched brands like Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson, Mavenir needed to shift its image and perception from a disruptive upstart to an industry leader. Mavenir approached WANT Branding to create a new future-focused brand strategy (positioning and GTM architecture) and Brand Identity that would help them forge a leadership role in the world’s move to 5G.


We began our process with an extensive interview program, interviewing almost twenty stakeholders, including Mavenir leadership, industry analysts, and customers. Based on our learnings from the interviews, background research, and competitive analysis, we pitched three potential positioning ideas. The winning positioning idea, “Trust The Future,” was recommended to help position Mavenir—both short and long term—as the only cloud-native software company that can lead CSPs into an innovative, software-enabled future. The key insight leading to this positioning was the fact that decision makers at CSPs knew that moving to a software-enabled network was a prerequisite in the realization of delivering 5G to their customers, therefore, “Trust The Future” would validate Mavenir as the pre-eminent vendor in the space.

The positioning idea resonated so strongly that Mavenir elected to use the idea as a formal tagline for the business.

Next, we looked at optimizing the Mavenir product portfolio. We developed a product naming system that would emphasize and build equity in the Mavenir brand. Previously descriptive names like Mobile Core and Mobile Access & Edge became MAVcore and MAVair. The naming system provides clear direction for future product naming and reinforces the positioning of Mavenir as a trusted, innovative leader.

Finally, we developed a new brand identity and visual branding system to signify the new positioning. The new brand logo leverages cleaner, more modern design principles to represent a company poised to lead the telecom industry into the future. The underlined M and retained red and blue color scheme represent and pay homage to Mavenir’s mobile expertise and history. The ‘AV’ display as greater than/less than symbols and represent a company ready to take on any challenge, great or small.


The refreshed brand was universally approved by leadership and other key stakeholders and formally launched on April 12, 2021. Mavenir’s leadership expressed its confidence that the new brand refresh will strongly support the company’s business strategy and goals to build the future of networks.


  • B2B
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity

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