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Background / Challenge:

Over the past 20 years, Traffic Safety Store has cemented their reputation as a leading provider of traffic safety supplies. Through a relentless commitment to their customers and the operational and leadership capabilities to deliver, they’ve reached over 100,000 customers worldwide – from Apple and Tesla to schools and churches. With the presence/arrival of similarly branded competitors and the desire to expand into adjacent categories, Traffic Safety Store approached WANT in need of a partner that could rebrand and revitalize their company for a future of continued success.


Over an initial 30-day streamlined process, we worked with Traffic Safety Store’s team to rebrand, define, and strategically position the business for the future. We quickly got to work on our discovery phase, completing competitive audits and conducting executive interviews that would serve as the foundation for the rebrand. The discovery phase also included an assessment of the brand name – we concluded that a dynamic, new name with a careful transition plan was the right option.

After working through our strategic naming process, the short, dynamic name Muvz was chosen. The name conveys a company committed to the quick and efficient delivery of safety products to their customers. WANT created the brand positioning idea ‘Above & Beyond’, to underscore the company’s commitment to exceptional customer service, collaborative teamwork and continued growth and delivery.

The logo we created supports the ‘Above & Beyond’ idea with the Muvz name rising above the tread element. Additionally, the forward motion of the treads implies a company going above and beyond for customers and enabling them to drive their business forward.

The Muvz brand elicited such a positive reaction internally that we stayed on to create a private label brand for the newly rebranded company. After going through our strategic naming process again, we chose the name OnePro to convey a durable, professional range of products. Next, we began our design phase by taking a look at potential design linkage strategies for private label brands (i.e. should the private label brand directly, indirectly link back to the corporate brand if it does at all). We moved forward with a subtly-linked design with a logo that alters the Muvz tread marks to create an ‘O’ symbol.


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  • Brand Strategy
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  • Brand Identity
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