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Background / Challenge:

In 1981, NEFCO was founded with the acquisition of a small fastener distributor. Today, NEFCO operates through a network of branches up and down the eastern seaboard and is known for best-in-class customer service and the largest inventory of products in the construction supply industry.

NEFCO approached WANT Branding in need of a partner that could quickly and effectively rebrand the company to honor 40 years of success and optimize the brand for a high-growth future.


WANT worked with NEFCO’s management team to define and strategically reposition the company for continued success. The work began with discovery interviews, NEFCO team member Zoom focus groups, and a competitive audit to gather actionable insights & marketplace intelligence to inform our rebranding activities.

WANT first worked to reorganize NEFCO’s brand architecture, choosing a masterbrand approach to aid internal branch alignment and ensure the emphasis of equity on the NEFCO parent brand.

Next, WANT worked with the leadership of NEFCO to reposition the company, choosing the positioning idea of “United We Build” to emphasize the partnership of the branches within NEFCO along with the partnership with their contractor and manufacturer customers.

In celebration of the 40-year anniversary and in order to make the new strategy visible, WANT created an evolutionary new logo for NEFCO. The new logo retains the beloved Syracuse orange & blue color scheme but created a new ‘N’ seal of approval symbol with a bold, action-oriented typography.

Finally, WANT helped NEFCO make a big splash with the unveiling and activation of the new brand. A cutting-edge brand launch video was created to both build internal excitement and introduce the brand to their customers and the construction supply world. Additionally, WANT created promotional items, marketing collateral, signage, social media icons and graphics, and more to ensure excitement around the rebrand.



  • B2B
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity

New York, NY

Miami, FL

San Francisco, CA

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