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Since its 2011 inception, Prolink Staffing has excelled at connecting exceptional talent with remarkable opportunities. Initially focused on healthcare and travel nurse staffing, Prolink Staffing experienced rapid growth, recognizing its potential as a versatile, multi-industry provider. Anchored by a powerful value system and a vibrant internal culture, the company aimed to extend its reach beyond healthcare and develop a brand that reflected the industry leader it had become.

To achieve this, Prolink Staffing partnered with WANT Branding to craft a compelling, distinctive brand that honors its roots while highlighting its transformation into a powerhouse. This dynamic rebrand is tailored to resonate with clients, external talent, and internal employees, conveying Prolink’s unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding staffing solutions and workforce expertise across various sectors.


WANT Branding first conducted a comprehensive interview program with more than 25 internal and external stakeholders. This allowed us to gain valuable insights into the company’s culture, challenges, and industry position. From this research and the feedback gathered, it became evident that Prolink Staffing had evolved beyond its “staffing” label, and WANT Branding recommended renaming the company from “Prolink Staffing” to simply “Prolink” and streamlining its various sub-brands into one cohesive, unified company.

This transformation was visually represented by updating the company’s logo, transitioning from the “running man” to the “runner” – a more dynamic, inclusive and forward-looking symbol. This new emblem effectively captures Prolink’s restless pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement.

To ensure a seamless brand experience across all touchpoints, WANT Branding developed a comprehensive style and brand guide outlining the brand’s new visual and messaging elements. This guide is valuable for maintaining consistency and coherence in all brand communications.

To culminate the efforts and effectively convey the reimagined Prolink brand, WANT Branding crafted a captivating 2-minute corporate video. This visual narrative showcased the rebrand and introduced the new brand messaging, reinforcing Prolink’s commitment to providing innovative workforce solutions and maintaining a customer-centric approach.


The rebranding effort spearheaded by WANT Branding has successfully transformed Prolink into a more unified and prominent brand, accurately representing its status as a global leader in workforce solutions.

As a result of the rebrand, Prolink has elevated its market presence, enabling the company to confidently chase its ambitious objectives while staying true to their core values and delivering exceptional experiences for their clients, talent, and employees.


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