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Royal Caribbean

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  • Brand Research
Background & Challenge:

Royal Caribbean is one of the world’s leading cruise lines, with 24 ships and owning nearly 22% of the cruise market worldwide. Royal prides itself on having the largest and most innovative ships in the world.

We started working with Royal Caribbean in 2012, when they were launching a new class of ship, which would be the second largest cruise ship in the world. They needed a new name for the class, the ships, and a cohesive naming system for all the on-board elements.


We created the “Quantum” class of ship to signify a quantum leap forward in cruising. Over the next 3 years, we also created the names Anthem, Ovation, Harmony, Symphony and Spectrum as well as names for over 65 on-board elements, from restaurants, to lounge spaces, to features and technology.


The Quantum class of ships remain as some— if not— the most cutting-edge ships in the world. The success of the first 2 ships prompted the order of 3 additional ships in the class. Royal Caribbean experienced revenue growth of 7.6 billion in 2012 to record breaking 8.8 billion in 2016.

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