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Background / Challenge:

In February 2020, CDK Global sold the company’s digital marketing division to Ansira, a subsidiary of Advent International. Founded in 1995, CDK Global’s Digital Marketing Business has provided their automotive partners, including OEMs, local marketing associations, and dealerships, with a powerful website and digital advertising solutions that allow them to better connect with end consumers. In its last full fiscal year before the divestiture, the digital marketing division accounted for $305 million of CDK Global’s $1.6 billion in revenue. As part of Ansira, CDK Global’s former digital marketing division will deliver a wider range of solutions to their automotive clients and leverage their technological capabilities in other industries.

Advent approached WANT Branding in need of a partner that could quickly rebrand CDK Global’s Digital Marketing Business and help determine the branding approach – including if/how the business should link with the Ansira brand.


Over a fast-tracked 60-day process, we worked with Advent’s, CDK Global’s, and Ansira’s leadership to rebrand, define, and strategically position the newly acquired business for success. We quickly got to work completing competitive audits and conducting executive interviews that would serve as the foundation for the rebrand.

The short, memorable name ‘Sincro’ was chosen for the business. The name alludes to the company’s commitment to in-sync partnership and subtly references a car’s synchronizer (aka synchro) and the company’s automotive roots. WANT created the brand positioning idea ‘Local Marketing, Synchronized’, underscoring the company’s capability and commitment to their partners’ success at the local level. Additionally, WANT to create the branding element ‘We Are The Playmakers’ to express the ability of Sincro’s employees to proactively address their partners needs and to communicate the opportunity to be an immediate playmaker to potential employees.

The logo we created for Sincro conveys the harmonic partnership the business offers clients and is based on an abstraction of the synchro car part. The strategic decision was reached to lock the logo up with ‘An Ansira Company’ to communicate the acquisition and enhanced offerings it allows while still emphasizing the new brand.


On April 22, 2020, the sale of CDK’s Digital Marketing Business and its rebranding as Sincro was formally completed. The new Sincro brand has already resonated with industry stakeholders.

Jay Dettling, CEO of Sincro’s new parent company Ansira, says, “Sincro’s tagline is ‘local marketing, synchronized.’ That really resonates with me as we think about how we will work together to help support our clients. We look forward to a bright future for Sincro as they continue on their accelerated path of product development and services innovation as an Ansira company, sharing our passion for digital marketing technology solutions and services.”


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