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Three Olives


Founded in 1998, Three Olives vodka is made from quadruple-distilled winter wheat harvested in England. In the early 2000s, Three Olives released its first flavored vodkas—grape and cherry, spurring the invention of a new type of drink: cherry bombs and grape bombs, which in turn, ultimately led to Three Olives becoming the fastest growing vodka brand in the world.

Three Olives kept innovating, with inventive new flavors, edgy ads with unlikely spokespeople, and events at local bars around the country.

Due to its unprecedented growth, Three Olives approached us in 2008 to help assess the brand’s current assets and equities, to help create a unified message (brand position), and to assist with general brand issues from packaging to messaging.


After completing a thorough assessment of the brand, which included speaking to executives, bartenders, salespeople and patrons, we created a new brand position that expressed the feeling that while this vodka was considerably more premium (and well-regarded) than any bottom-, mid- and even many high-end vodkas, it didn’t sacrifice fun or take itself too seriously: ‘Seriously Premium, Seriously Fun’.

In addition to creating a new positioning for the Three Olives brand, we also conducted extensive research on everything from packaging to advertising campaigns to taglines.


Our relationship with Three Olives continued for over 7 years, and we helped with research for packaging, ad campaigns and new flavors, as well as assisting in maintaining a consistent message based on the positioning we’d established.

Since our work with the brand, Three Olives has won countless awards, including ratings of “Superb” and “Highly Recommended” from Wine Enthusiast magazine. The brand continues to innovate today, offering over 20 flavors of vodka, alongside the original unflavored (aka “Naked”) vodka.


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