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On February 1st 2023, Advanced Emission Solutions (ADES) completed its acquisition of Arq Limited. The combination of the two companies resulted the only completely vertically integrated provider of activated carbon in North America and created a new environmental technology company with the potential to deliver products aimed at removing harmful chemicals and pollutants from land, air, and sea to enable a cleaner planet.

The ADES and Arq executive team approached WANT in need of a branding partner to create the new brand that would support their ambitious business goals and vision.


WANT began our work with a comprehensive discovery program. We interviewed ADES and Arq executives and customers to understand the business and brand opportunity represented by the acquisition. During discovery, we also conducted competitive audits to understand the brand communications and positionings of key competitors.

After completing the discovery program, we created the brand positioning idea “Activate The Future” to serve as the platform for the brand. This idea pays homage to the company’s history and leadership in the production of Granular Activated Carbon while also representing the company’s active role in bringing about a cleaner, safer future.

Next, we worked with the executive team to evaluate potential name options for the combined entity. After two rounds of new name candidates, evaluated against the current names, the team decided to retain and elevate the Arq name as the name for the new company. With positive associations like its reference to the earth and complete solutions, the name represented the company’s vision and unique positioning.

With the name in hand, we moved to create a powerful new logo. The Arq logo we created represents the complete solutions Arq delivers; addressing the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil we stand on. Additionally, the icon references complete solutions and vertical integration. The typography is legible, and sharp, and appears in bright, distinctive cobalt blue.
The next step was creating the brand guidelines document, guiding logo usage and detailing the broader identity system surrounding the logo, and the creation of various activation items to bring the brand to life. We created marketing materials like the PPT template, press release template, email signature, letterhead, and more.
The final, pivotal step was the creation of the new Arq website. We worked to merge and migrate the two previous companies products and offerings onto a single site. We then worked with the Arq marketing team to develop the new copy, imagery, graphics, and infographics to bring the site to life and tell the new Arq story.


The new Arq brand launched and went live on January 31, 2024. Exactly a year after the date of the acquisition, the Arq company celebrated by ringing in the Nasdaq opening bell in New York. While the new Arq is merely days old, the buzz around the new brand has galvanized the company.

“Today is a very exciting day for Arq as we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of our transformational acquisition with a successful corporate rebrand and the honor of opening the U.S. stock markets for trading by ringing the Nasdaq opening bell,” said Bob Rasmus, Chief Executive Officer of Arq. “Our new name and logo reflect our commitment to our strategic expansion plan and transformation to a leading supplier of purification solutions with a growing focus on granular activated carbon. As we embark on a new chapter with a refreshed identity, our core mission remains unchanged: becoming the safest, most cost-effective and most profitable provider of activated carbon solutions.”


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