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In early 2023, the leading data analytics company Qlik acquired the data integration company Talend. This newly combined offering brought together best-in-class capabilities across the data pipeline: from data integration to data quality to data analytics. The Qlik team approached WANT in need of a branding partner who could create a powerful, modern brand, position company as leaders in the world of data and AI, and ultimately help answer the question: Qlik + Talend = ?


Initially, we focused on the announcement of the acquisition and the corporate brand strategy following it. We helped the executive team evaluate various brand strategies following a major acquisition eventually delivering the recommendation that Qlik remain the corporate brand while the Talend brand and its existing equity be transitioned into the Qlik product portfolio as a product masterbrand. Additionally, we created a narrative surrounding the big idea “What’s Next Is Now” to introduce the acquisition at the QlikWorld conference and galvanize stakeholders around the potential and excitement the combined entity represents in the world of data.

Next, we began our process to create the fundamentals for the new Qlik. We began with discovery interviews with Qlik & Talend executives, partners, customers, and industry analysts. At the same time, we conducted in depth competitive audits to understand the market opportunity for the new brand.

With this information in hand, we worked to create the powerful brand positioning idea “Wherever There’s Data”. The idea amplified Qlik and Talend’s combined ability to address customer needs across the data pipeline. Additionally, the idea denotes the company’s unique ability to solve the toughest issues in data and positioned the company as leaders in the data industry. Wherever there’s data; there’s Qlik.

Next, we turned to logo design. We explored a range of concepts before landing on the clean, modern version of the logo we see today. The brief from CEO Mike Capone was to keep elements of the current identity but simplify and modernize the logo. The new logo does just that and is effective when deployed in logo lockups and as a bug (leveraging the Q symbol). The embedded Q symbol is emblematic of the evolution of Qlik’s previous “magnifying glass” concept, and stands for complete capabilities across data integration, analytics, AI and more.
Once we had approval on the new logo, we moved to the brand activation. First, we worked to develop an identity system surrounding the logo. We evaluated 3 distinct options before landing on the current system which deploys Qlik Contrails. These contrails depict data that has been integrated and organized by Qlik—they convey movement and fluidity, and purposefully run across the visuals to represent different kinds of data coming together.

We then created a wide range of brand templates and mockups to consistently and powerfully deploy the new brand. We created the new Qlik PowerPoint, case study, data sheet, brochure, white paper, website landing page, and event piece templates. Additionally, we developed a set of icons and illustrations to be deployed throughout various brand activation elements.
In addition to the corporate brand, we also helped the Qlik team create and name a solution brand for their AI/ML capabilities. We went through two rounds of naming before landing on the final name Qlik Staige. The name and narrative tell the story of performance – Qlik Staige is where customer’s AI strategy comes to life.


The new Qlik brand launched in early January 2024 to immediate positive reception. CEO Mike Capone spoke of the importance of the new brand strategy, “Our reimagined brand is a renewed commitment to cutting-edge technology and business relevance. It’s a promise to our clients: to be the catalyst in your data journey, delivering insights for substantial business outcomes. Join us in this exciting evolution, under a brand that’s not only new but a beacon of innovation, clarity, and tangible results in the data landscape.”


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