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American Broadband has a long history of serving customers in rural areas with telecommunications products & services. After many years of dedicated customer service, the company needed to rebrand to create a more ownable brand and position themselves for a future of telecom growth.

They approached WANT Branding in need of a partner that could create a unique brand positioning, name and logo.


The work began with discovery interviews with American Broadband executives, and executives of the various regional sub-brands. Additionally, WANT conducted an extensive competitive brand analysis to understand the opportunity space for positioning and naming.

Next, WANT worked with the leadership team to create a new positioning for the company, choosing the idea of “A Better Place” to highlight commitment to improving local communities through connection. “A Better Place” also communicates the benefit to employees and new recruits of working at the company. Additionally, we aligned on moving toward a masterbrand strategy – once the final name was in place, we outlined a strategy to migrate the sub-brands to a solitary masterbrand.

After completing the positioning, WANT began developing names for the new brand. The final name Fastwyre was chosen after going through multiple rounds of naming and conducting legal due diligence. The name immediately communicates the speed of connection that the company delivers to customers.

Finally, we created the final logo. The Fastwyre symbol conveys leadership, dynamism, and connection. The multiple colors converging speaks to the different stakeholders (communities, families, businesses, the company) working together to enhance local telecommunications.

The brand has recently launched. Immediately the name has drawn praise.

“We are excited about our new name – Fastwyre – because it reflects our commitment to providing communities across the country with the fastest, most reliable and affordable communications network for work, play and life,” said Chris Eldredge, CEO of Fastwyre Broadband. “We believe all Americans should have access to reliable internet service. Our new identity reflects our pursuit of that mission, unifying our markets under a single national brand that will help keep communities connected.”


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