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FullContact is a technology company that provides identity resolution, audience development and personalization services to both, consumers and enterprises, across every industry.

Guided by the belief that life is all about people and the relationships between them, with a stated purpose of “make relationships better”, FullContact has grown beyond its original objective and is poised to be a key player in personal data and its ethical use.

Due to the sensitivity of personal data, FullContact wanted to be seen as stewards of that data and needed a new brand definition, including positioning and audience messaging, along with a new identity that reflects their ambition. in 2019, FullContact sought WANT’s help to achieve exactly that.


First, we started off with a thorough review of FullContact’s internal documents, battle cards and marketing collateral, which we supplemented an in-depth audit of their top 8 competitors. We finished up our research by conducting one-on-one interviews with a dozen key stakeholders. Once we had a solid foundation of learning on the company and the market, we created a positioning that spoke directly to their desire to be better than other players in the space; one that spoke to their desire to value people’s privacy and use their data ethically and with permission: The Higher Road.

We then augmented that idea into messaging for the companies 3 main audiences: their brand partners, their employees, and the people themselves who the data represents.

Finally, we created a new identity that included a revolutionary logo the emphasized the individual behind the data: a silhouette of a person made up of a 1 and 0, within a protective circle which also represents the idea of a “whole person profile” (i.e. having all the accurate information for each person). In order to help maintain the new brand identity, we also created a presentation and ad templates that followed the new Brand Style Guide, which was our final deliverable.


The refreshed FullContact brand launched in late 2019, and continues to follow its mandate of ethically-sourced data and strengthening the connection between people and brands. Upon launch, their Director of Brand Design informed us that “we’ve so far received some great feedback on the logo and the entire brand style. Everybody is super excited about it”.


  • B2C
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity

New York, NY

Miami, FL

San Francisco, CA

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