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PulsePoint, a leading NYC-based technology company decided in mid-2019 to dramatically reshape their business in order to expand the healthcare segment of their revenue base. This required a dramatic brand transition strategy to go from a programmatic advertising media agency to a health-tech + data platform. PulsePoint’s goal was to help health-related businesses navigate the complex world of real-time programmatic advertising and to positively improve population healthcare outcomes. As the client said, “It’s all about getting the right eyeballs to engage with the right content.”


Want Branding developed a new positioning theme: “Leading Health Forward,” which communicates that PulsePoint is visionary, dedicated and passionate about the application of programmatic and data technology to advance the entire healthcare industry. The business definition statement that we created captures it best: PulsePoint is an advanced data technology company that is breaking new ground with programmatic solutions for healthcare organizations, to personalize information and improve outcomes.
As a result of this new brand strategy, Want Branding helped Pulsepoint with stakeholder messaging including an elevator speech, a brand manifesto and new website copy.


Since the launch of the new brand strategy and messaging, PulsePoint has experienced robust year-over-year growth and is now hosting billions of health ad impressions each month on its ad exchange.


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