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Background / Challenge:

SoClean began as an innovative product that cleans and maintain sleep apnea equipment. Today, the company brings in millions in revenue and has become the dominant player in the CPAP cleaning market. In an effort to continue topline growth, the company has looked to extend into adjacent categories while solidifying and maintaining its leadership within CPAP cleaning.

SoClean approached WANT in need of a branding and naming partner. Over a 2-year period, WANT worked with SoClean to optimize their brand architecture, define the brands within each line of business, name product brands within their core CPAP line and create a product brand within their Sleep Technologies category.


Our first task was working with SoClean to optimize their brand architecture. We worked to structure three category brands that would fall below the SoClean corporate brand: ‘SoClean’ (category brand), ‘Sleep Technologies’, and ‘Lifebrands Wellness’.

Next, we worked to position the brands within their respective categories. For SoClean, the category brand, the positioning of ‘So Smart. So Effective. SoClean’ was chosen to define the brand as it moved from a CPAP cleaning company to the wider scope of a smart disinfecting company. The positioning statement of ‘It’s Better To Know’ was chosen for the Sleep Technologies brand to highlight the diagnostic knowledge the brand would offer potential sleep disorder sufferers. For the Lifebrands Wellness brand, the positioning of ‘Life Made Better’ was chosen to emphasize the health and overall life improvements the brand would bring consumers.

Finally, we explored a range of options for the SoClean core product naming convention before choosing a simple, customer-friendly, numeric approach. Within the Sleep Technologies category brand, we created the ‘Lunella’ product brand for their sleep disorder testing product, the first fully disposable sleep test that uploads results through the cloud.


SoClean has maintained its leadership in the CPAP cleaning category while growing in adjacent categories. Within their Sleep Technologies category brand, the Lunella product brand was launched in March 2020 and represented an important step forward in sleep disorder treatment. Bob Wilkins, CEO of SoClean, described the company’s evolution beyond the original product saying, “We’re not in the space of selling CPAP machines. We’re in the space of creating awareness.”

Additional products within the SoClean category brand focusing on smart disinfecting are expected to launch later this year. Armed with a clear, unique positioning, effective brand architecture strategy, and cleaning technology and know-how, SoClean is a brand to keep an eye on in the disinfecting space, the sleep health space, and beyond.


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