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Background / Challenge:

For over 30 years, Mako Steel and Rabco Enterprises designed, supplied, and installed self-storage facilities from their respective locations on the west and east coasts. After Mako acquired Rabco, the newly merged entity represented the only true nationwide provider and builder of storage facilities in the United States.

They approached WANT Branding in need of a partner that could create and launch a powerful new brand to position themselves as the leader in the industry and lead the business into the future.


We began with discovery interviews with the executive teams of both Mako and Rabco. These interviews combined with a competitive audit of competitors and a review of existing background documents provided the foundation we needed for the creation of the brand fundamentals.

WANT worked with the leadership team to reposition the merged entity, choosing the positioning of “The Edge You Need” to represent the advantage the company delivered their customers looking to source and build self-storage facilities.

In addition to positioning, WANT worked with executives to determine the right name for the future. The name MakoRabco was the obvious choice when considering the existing equities that existed for both names in their respective geographic regions and the importance of repeat customers.

Next, we created the brand identity and logo for MakoRabco. We leveraged Mako’s historical logo by resurrecting and modernizing the shark fin symbol. The logo supports the positioning of “The Edge You Need” and links to the company’s history and legacy.

Finally, we created the design system and activation elements to consistently launch the new brand. Additionally, we created two branded videos: one internal and one external to signal the brand’s new direction and excite internal and external audiences.

While still early, the brand has been well received by customers and has galvanized internal audiences. Inge Carr, MakoRabco’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “We are proud to introduce our new brand—with The Edge You Need positioning, the streamlined shark fin logo in an eye-catching and dynamic modern design, commanding colors of navy blue and teal that have a clean, fresh look and of course, the new name—MakoRabco. Today signals a new beginning that will help us expand our reach nationwide.”


  • Brand Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity

New York, NY

Miami, FL

San Francisco, CA

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