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Background / Challenge:

Credijusto is an online lending platform that offers easy, flexible, and fast credit to small and midsize enterprises in Mexico. They reached out to WANT Branding looking for a partner who could create the brand for a new credit card for those small and midsize customers.


We quickly got to work conducting a kickoff workshop and competitive audits to understand the new credit card and the market context before creating the name and identity for the new brand.

With our initial discovery phase as a foundation, we began the process of naming. After creating a naming blueprint to guide name creation, we presented 2 rounds of names, emphasizing name options that were modern and aspirational. The final name, Covalto, a combination of cobalt and alto – evoking simplicity and status, was chosen.

Finally, we created the simple yet iconic logo along with guidelines to ensure consistency across social media, stationary, and other brand touchpoints for the new Covalto brand.



  • B2C
  • Naming landing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity

New York, NY

Miami, FL

San Francisco, CA

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