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F-Secure Corporation is a global cyber security and privacy company with over 30 offices around the world and is headquartered in HelsinkiFinland

The company has nearly 30 offices around the globe and a presence in more than 100 countries. F-Secure develops and sells antivirus, password management, endpoint security, consulting. In 2021, F-Secure announced that its enterprise-facing business would be spun off with a new brand while its consumer security business would retain the F-Secure name. F-Secure retained WANT Branding to create the new enterprise brand.


The WANT team worked closely with marketing leadership from F-Secure in Helsinki on a brief period of discovery and fact finding. We then collaborated with the team to create the positioning idea ‘Co-Security’ which underscores the need to address today’s security challenges through good partnership. We also helped to build out the narrative and messaging elements of the brand.

With the brand positioning in place, WANT created a broad selection of ideas but one idea stood head and shoulders from the rest – the word With supports and amplifies the Co-Security brand positioning.

WithSecure™ is cyber security’s reliable partner. IT service providers, MSSPs and businesses – along with the largest financial institutions, manufacturers, and thousands of the world’s most advanced communications and technology providers – trust them for outcome-based cyber security that protects and enables their operations. Our AI-driven protection secures endpoints and cloud collaboration, and our intelligent detection and response are powered by experts who identify business risks by proactively hunting for threats and confronting live attacks. 


The new WithSecure brand has been positively received from the industry as a whole and customers.”The greatest brands are based on a simple core idea. In everything we do we believe in good partnership where good means trusted, honest, knowledgeable and always prioritizing the relationship over own agendas and short-term transactional business,” said WithSecure™ CMO Ari Vänttinen. “In a world where cyber security means more than ever, our co-security approach enables us to build and sustain digital trust in society for everyone’s benefit.” 


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