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In 2017, Margaret Hixon had a thriving investment advisory business in Sarasota working with a range of clients on retirement planning. Her sons, Phillip and Stuart Dickson, who worked at the firm with Hixon, came to her with a proposal. Together with another partner, Justin Bailey, their plan was build an app that could handle money management challenges for clients: investing for the long term, saving for the short term and giving to charities. The new app was initially named Vimvest after the notion of ‘vim and vigor’.

In 2021 after several years of growth and hitting revenue targets, Vimvest wanted to take the brand in a bolder direction and retained WANT Branding to change the name and refresh the brand.


Working with the leadership team we conducted a 2 week discovery phase which refocused the business as a ‘wishlist’ app that would help users save for things you want so they can buy when they’re ready.

After reviewing several options for brand positioning ideas we unanimously agreed on the big idea ‘Dream and Do’. Next we created a range of options for new names. Everyone was keen to find a unique idea that moved away from ‘vest’ or anything too close to words used in financial services.

The unique real word idea Monorail was selected because it evokes the idea if a train moving on a single track towards its journey. We helped the team to secure the URL too.

Finally, we created a bold, modern, customer-centric design and identity system that helps support the business goals and positions it as a notable new fintech designed for young customers.


Commenting on the rebrand Justin True, Monorail’s CMO said “We found WANT Branding through Clutch. We interviewed around six different companies, 2–3 of which we also found on Clutch. We went through the same sales process with all of the companies, but we chose WANT Branding due to their timeline projections, their level of expertise, and the quality of their previous work. They made us feel that they knew what they were doing, and they were able to work with us on a very constrained timeline. WANT Branding was punctual, communicative, and thorough, and they offered a high-quality service. Additionally, their professionalism and work speed were impressive.”


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  • Brand Strategy
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  • Brand Identity
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