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Opal Fuels


Fortistar – a privately owned investment firm specializing in solving sustainability challenges merged the Fortistar Methane Group, Fortistar RNG and TruStar to create a new company that could deliver an end-to-end renewable energy solution to fleet customers. WANT Branding, having worked to create the TruStar brand in the past, came in to create a powerful new brand for the merged entity.  



After completing a discovery program of interview and background audits, WANT worked to deliver a brand positioning and brand manifesto for the new brand. The brand positioning idea of “The Power On Your Side” was created and chosen to represent the return of choice and renewable power to the company’s fleet customer base. 

Next, WANT began developing name options for the company. After 2 rounds of naming, shortlisting, legal, and deliberation the final name of OPAL Fuels was selected. The name itself is associative of the precious stone, reflecting energy purity and a time of change. The “OPAL Stone” logo was created to bring the name to life – the symbol conveys the complete nature of the business (upstream and downstream capabilities). 

When the name and logo were completed, WANT began writing and developing the brand narrative extension and brand visual identity extension. A tagline of “Making Cleaner Fuel Possible” was created and leveraged at launch. Additionally, WANT created the following brand manifesto to add context to the positioning and define the new brand for internal and external audiences: 

“OPAL Fuels brings together Fortistar Methane Group, Fortistar RNG, and TruStar Energy to create a vertically integrated renewable fuels platform – capturing harmful methane emissions at their source, cleaning them into a usable fuel and delivering them to fleet customers for a complete end-to-end solution.

OPAL Fuels is the trusted leader in delivering the renewable fuel solutions desperately needed to address sustainability, and to fuel vehicles for a cleaner today and tomorrow. From the renewable fuels of today to the sustainable green technologies of the future, expect OPAL Fuels to deliver cleaner fuel, bolder innovation, and bigger thinking.”

Finally, WANT created the splash landing page and a brand launch video to ensure the new brand was introduced in a powerful and coherent manner. 



While the OPAL brand is still new to the market, the reception from investors and customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The OPAL team is proud of the new brand and is well positioned to capitalize on the renewed focus from both the investment community and their client base in sustainable energy solutions.


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