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Trustwell was formed from the merger between ESHA Research and FoodLogiQ in October 2022, with backing from the global investment firm, The Riverside Company. Both companies are considered leaders in their fields as ESHA Research launched the first comprehensive nutrition database to develop compliant labels more than 40 years ago, while FoodLogiQ offers industry-leading SaaS solutions for food safety, traceability, and supply chain transparency.

The merger between ESHA Research and FoodLogiQ posed a challenge of creating a brand identity that could effectively represent the expertise of both companies in their respective industries, while also garnering the trust of new and existing customers. It was crucial for the new brand to convey the combined knowledge and complementary solutions of the two entities.

WANT Branding was tasked with developing a new brand identity for Trustwell that reflects their combined expertise in a game-changing software brand.


First, WANT conducted extensive discovery interviews with more than 25 key executives and clients to understand the business’s scope fully. Based on our findings, we created a comprehensive brand strategy that included brand building blocks, a brand manifesto, and a new brand positioning of “Always Ahead,” reflecting the company’s dedication to being at the forefront of the latest technologies in the food industry, while also highlighting its agility and ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

To tackle the challenge of naming this new entity, we took a strategic approach and created a new brand name that embodies the most critical element within the food industry – trust. The new name, Trustwell, reflects the trust that customers establish with their consumers and their trust in the company’s software to increase transparency and mitigate risk in their supply chains.

Finally, we created a brand new visual identity for Trustwell that is clean, modern, and highly impactful. The symbol of an upright shield was chosen to convey the idea of protection, trust, and forward-thinking, while the idea of innovation and progress inspired the overall design of the logo and brand elements. The result is a highly distinctive and memorable visual identity that helps position Trustwell as a trusted and respected leader in the food industry.


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