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In early 2021, Uber approached WANT Branding to help with brand strategy, research and naming in support of its business goals for its commercial business platform – Uber For Business.

The Uber For Business platform helps companies of all sizes with managing rides, meals and local deliveries. One of the specific asks was to create and evaluate names for two service offerings within the Uber For Business platform.


Working with the marketing team, we generated numerous name options for the two service offerings and presented to the U4B marketing team.

We then shortlisted the top names to proceed into market research with business customers in US, Mexico and Brazil. WANT’s intermal research team managed and led the research project.

The first service, Uber Vouchers, was created as a way for organizations to sponsor rides or meals for their customers or guests. This offering would allow companies to provide ride and meal vouchers for specific events or campaigns, or create vouchers for individuals who need a ride to or from their company.

The second service, Uber Central, enables companies and their admin and travel teams to order rides for their clients, guests, and customers—and eliminate the wait. Uber Central helps to keep your customers and guests moving—no app or smartphone required.


The Uber For Business platform and overall strategy helps to underscore Uber’s corporate brand’s positioning ‘Move the way you want’. And, with Covid-19 pandemic subsiding, companies opening up and employees heading back to the office, Uber For Business poised to become a new growth arm for Uber an $11B revenue company.


  • B2B
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
Caire / Upliv

New York, NY

Miami, FL

San Francisco, CA

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