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Sandra Hill


Sandra has spent over 25 years in both Europe and the US creating, managing and implementing branding programs for a full range of international companies. Her strong creative vision, strategic approach and collaborative nature have allowed her to build and guide diverse creative teams, manage client relationships and inspire new ways of problem solving. Sandra is distinctive within her industry because she is able to weave visual and verbal identity together to express creative ideas. It is this skill that she has, and continues to utilize, to win and grow great projects.

Throughout her career, Sandra has worked on branding and marketing programs for Walmart, Canon, eBay, American Express, Sony Entertainment, Microsoft, Motorola, Turner Broadcasting & AT&T.

Sandra has her own successful branding agency and has also held senior creative positions in some of the most renowned global branding agencies. As Creative Director at Interbrand, Sandra’s creative insight and leadership skills enabled her to manage, inspire and develop a strong creative team. Sandra also held senior positions at Wolff-Olins and Siegel & Gale prior to joining Want Branding. She graduated in Visual Communication from Edinburgh University.

Recent Projects

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