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Background / Challenge:

The Rockefeller Foundation Summit was originally created in partnership with 100 Resilient Cities, with the intention of bringing together civic and tech leaders to share ideas for the future. In 2017, The Rockefeller Foundation reached out to us to assist with a new unique brand name and identity for the summit.


Working closely with members of The Rockefeller Foundation, we learned of all the benefits of the summit—an open exchange of information and technology between city and tech leaders. We then reviewed dozens of name options, and, when a final name ‘CityXChange’ was selected, began a thorough, yet expedited visual identity program to create a logo for the new brand, as well as numerous exhibits for the summit itself, including color palettes, logo lock-ups and presentation templates. At the same time as the identity phase, we also helped to create the brand’s positioning ‘Resilient Cities, Innovative Technologies’.


The name CityXChange was selected to convey the ideas of: 1. an open exchange of information between city leaders and tech leaders, and 2. information that can help change cities for the better. The first summit as “CityXchange” took place in May 2017, and following the second summit in 2018, plans are afoot to make this conference an annual event to bring together innovative civic and tech leaders.


  • B2C
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity
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