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Swoop & Snowball

Background / Challenge

@pay was originally created as a way to simply send money via the internet, especially via mobile devices. Their technology was quickly adopted by over 3,000 leading charities as a cheaper and simpler way to accept donations.
In the last couple years, however, @pay has created and patented new technologies that went far beyond just sending money—a technology that would allow users to access any sort of online account without ever needing a password. They approached us to help them create a new brand that would reflect their new ambitions, which included a new positioning and a new name, both of which should reflect their new ambitions, while leaving plenty of room for future growth. Finally, they also asked us to name some of their new technologies.


We spoke with all the key leaders at @pay, their engineers and developers, their investors and best customers, and with all the insights we gleaned, we created a new brand positioning and statement that captured the most important goal of the new company: to simplify the internet, and make it better for the users. In addition to the positioning, we created a new name for company, which also doubled as a name for the new brand. We also created a new name for the fundraising platform, and visual identities for both of the new brands.


The name that was selected for the new brand (and also the new ‘no-password’ technology) was ‘Swoop’, a slightly playful name taken from the flight style of birds of prey, which also speaks to speed and simplicity (just Swoop in to your accounts, do what you need, and Swoop on). The new fundraising platform was renamed ‘Snowball’, based on the idea that the simplicity of the platform would create a ‘snowball’ effect in donations. And, the new positioning that was selected for Swoop, which is reflected in Snowball and all of the brand’s future offerings was ‘Make Better Possible’, addressing their endless drive and passion to make everything online simpler and better. Finally, we brought both these brands to life with a comprehensive brand identity design program.


  • B2C
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity
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