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Background / Challenge:

In April 2017, Opera TV, a pioneering software company that creates the software deployed by businesses in the ‘Over The Top’ (OTT) category, was sold by Opera (based in Stockholm) and acquired by a New York venture capital firm, Moore Freres & Partners. The brand had to completely rebrand and could no longer utilize the Opera (parent) brand.


Over an expedited five month period, Opera TV hired us to help create and activate the new brand. Our work included the new name ‘Vewd’, brand strategy and positioning ‘Enabling Extraordinary Experiences’, new logo, brand style guide, and brand voice.


The new brand was launched on Sept 15, 2017 at an industry trade show in Amsterdam and widely praised by industry observers.

“Today is a milestone for Vewd as we step out with our own brand that expresses our primary goal: enabling content to be viewed everywhere,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO, Vewd. “Our new visual identity highlights the universal elements of our industry – a play button, a screen, and the fragmented content landscape. While today is day one for Vewd, we build on our legacy as long-time leaders in OTT and remain committed not only to strengthen that position but push ourselves and our industry forward even faster.”


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  • B2C
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity
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