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Bringing brands to life is what we do, so we can’t help but tip our hats (or in this case golf clap) when a great brand is born. Bad Birdie is an apparel company bringing a more expressive style to the traditionally stuffy world of golf. After airing on Shark Tank this year, the company has taken a huge step forward and golfers will see more and more of their vibrant polos on display on courses across the country.

Jason Richardson, founder of the company, grew up playing golf. One day he began shopping to find a new golf polo to wear to a tournament and realized everything looked the same. Solid colors and stripes dominated the clothing racks. Enter Bad Birdie.

Richardson acknowledged that one of the toughest parts of starting Bad Birdie was naming it: “It took me two months to come up with designs, create the patterns, test them out, and finally have a polo in hand. During that time, I would be obsessing on names but never landed on one. I kept a list on my phone and would ask every friend I saw for ideas. I’d get multiple texts a week with ideas, but there was never one that really clicked.” One finally did.

Bad Birdie has three things that we love: a great name, a great logo, and a great positioning (“Swing Hard”). The brand is brought to life through a terrific, well-written brand manifesto. See for yourself:

We don’t know about you, but we’ve never set foot on a golf course and had a bad time.

It’s where we hang – with our buddies, our Pops, and our future friends. To us, the course is a playground, where the cold ones are always close, the laughter is always loud, and s​wing hard​ is the national anthem. Each time we tee it up there’s no telling what the course will throw at us, but if we’re out there playing together, well then, it’s all good, baby.

And we know there’s a whole heap of people who love golf for these same reasons.

But as we’ve traversed between munis and country clubs alike leaving a trail of high fives, we couldn’t help but notice one massive oversight in foursomes everywhere. Most polos out there don’t have the sauce. They’re boring. Vanilla. Unmemorable. Safe. All of these golf brands are laying up, making the same shirts our grandpa’s wore. We knew something had to change.

At Bad Birdie we design standout golf apparel that’s comfortable as all hell without compromising on performance or good vibes. We do it this way because, quite frankly, we think it’s what the game needs. So if you’re looking for a good game, and a better time then we’re going to get along juuuuust fine. All to say, this probably isn’t your grandpa’s golf brand.

Unless it is, in which case we’d love to meet him.

Swing Hard, my friends. Swing Hard.

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