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Brand New! Aegis Ventures, a next-generation startup studio, has partnered with Northwell Health to launch Caire, a novel, first-in-class joint venture between a major health system and a venture studio.

Caire’s ambitious mission is to build scalable infrastructure for virtual health care companies so that they can minimize time on operations and maximize time on what really matters: high quality patient care that delivers great outcomes.

WANT Branding created the new Caire Brand Definition, Brand Positioning, Brand Name and Brand Identity. Caire’s initial priority will be to support a set of women’s health companies, the first of which is Upliv Health (also branded by WANT Branding). Upliv is a women’s healthtech start-up that aims to empower women in mid-life to take charge of their mental, physical, and emotional health through holistic care services and evidence-based information.

Upliv and Caire will be supported by a multidisciplinary team of clinical advisors, product experts, experienced engineers, and business strategists who are passionate about narrowing the equity gap in women’s health. Congrats to all of our visionary clients on these two breakthrough brands!

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