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The marketing hall of fame today announced four new inductees for the 2022 ceremony.
Bob Kahn, WANT’s head of strategy, is the co-chair of the MHOF and Jonathan Bell, WANT’s founder, is one of 250 members of the voting academy who select inductees.
The MHOF celebrates excellence in marketing.

Criteria for Nominating Top Marketers

To qualify for election to the Marketing Hall of Fame, marketers should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Marketing that works
    Innovations that have transformed organizations through purpose and had a dramatic impact on business results
  1. Raising marketing’s profile
    Increasing the influence of marketing, e.g. getting a seat on the board, expanding marketing’s remit to include innovation and growth strategy
  1. New marketing tools and approaches
    Pioneers of new marketing technologies and new ways of measuring the impact of marketing
  1. Developing marketing leaders
    Inspiring, educating, and mentoring future generations of marketers
  1. Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
    Spearheading meaningful change, with industry-wide initiatives that celebrate differences and create inclusive environments
  1. Promoting sustainability
    Initiating actions and programs that positively impact our culture, our planet, and our people.



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