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Why is Miami the new hotbed of marketing creativity and innovation?

Our Founder/CEO Jonathan Bell gave a quote to The Drum.


Jonathan Bell, founder and chief executive officer at brand consultancy Want Branding, moved to Miami from New York seeking “a different quality of life” – and “fantastic weather”. He opened up shop in the city’s chic Coconut Grove neighborhood.

In the decade-plus since, Bell says he’s seen the city transform. “Miami has changed dramatically; I can tell you that without a shadow of a doubt. There are lots of restaurants, lots of cool stuff going on in the art scene here. Then there is obviously Art Basel – during the month of December, Miami’s a critical place to be. And that’s a big reason why I think a lot of young people, a lot of creatives and a lot of agencies are coming down here – it is a creative hotbed. Miami is constantly changing and it’s getting better and better.”

To Bell, it makes perfect sense for marketers and creatives to be flocking to the Florida coast. The city is exploding with startups and independent agencies, which attract lots of young, hungry talent. Plus, says Bell, “people are sick of being in the big cities – they’re expensive.” Miami, he argues, entices transplants with its rich culture, warm climate and exciting lifestyle.

He points out that the city’s tech and crypto boom are well underway, too, which is further propelling the city’s growth.

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