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In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, creating a strong brand identity is a vital ingredient for achieving success. Amidst the many elements that contribute to a brand’s image, logo design plays a pivotal role. A skillfully crafted logo acts as the visual embodiment of a company, effectively communicating its values, personality, and mission. Take, for instance, the FedEx logo, where an arrow is cleverly integrated, symbolizing the company’s unwavering commitment to speed and efficiency.

At WANT Branding, we are fastidious about creating powerful brand positionings and strategies and then designing logos that bring those strategies to life to make them tangible and relevant. Here are a few examples:

1. Metallic

Metallic, a prominent SaaS company, which WANT named and branded exemplifies the strategic use of logo design to emphasize their new “power to grow” business positioning. The sleek and modern Metallic logo captures the essence of their brand by incorporating elements that symbolize growth, progress, and innovation.

2. Sincro

Sincro, an Ansira company, is a leading provider of tailored marketing solutions for local auto dealerships. Sincro’s solutions allow these dealerships to sync up with the needs of their customers, stay ahead in the digital landscape, and achieve measurable results. The logo we created amplified both the name, Sincro, and the positioning idea, local marketing synchronized. The symbol itself was inspired, like the name, by a synchronizer, a car part. This throughline creates a powerful brand system including a great name, positioning, and identity.

3. API, American Petroleum Institute

API, the American Petroleum Institute, is a leading organization that sets industry standards and advocates for the petroleum industry in the United States. They promote safety, responsible energy development, and efficient production, refining, and distribution of petroleum products. API plays a vital role in advancing the industry while prioritizing environmental stewardship and sustainability. The logo we created for API helped to reposition the organization in recognition of climate change and the changing energy landscape. The color was selected to represent bipartisan cooperation and the curvature of the mark reflects a commitment to sustainability.

4. OneKey

One Key is an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) company that revolutionizes the real estate industry by providing comprehensive and reliable data solutions. As a trusted provider of MLS services, One Key offers a centralized platform where real estate professionals can access accurate and up-to-date property listings, market trends, and valuable insights. Their advanced technology and user-friendly interface empower agents, brokers, and homebuyers to make informed decisions, streamline transactions, and maximize their success in the market. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, One Key enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of real estate operations, ultimately transforming the way properties are listed, searched, and sold.


Crafting a logo that aligns seamlessly with your business strategy is the ultimate game-changer in building a strong brand identity. It begins with defining your business strategy, outlining the core pillars that drive your brand forward. From there, it’s all about infusing your brand’s unique personality into the visual representation of your logo. Embrace simplicity and versatility as you design your logo, ensuring it effortlessly adapts to various platforms and sizes. Consistency plays a vital role in reinforcing brand recognition, allowing your logo to become instantly recognizable. And remember, seeking professional design support can elevate your logo from good to extraordinary, ensuring it captures the essence of your business strategy flawlessly. Get ready to make a lasting impression with a logo that perfectly aligns with your business strategy and sets your brand apart from the competition.

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