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Last week, WANT’s Founder & CEO, Jonathan Bell joined over 200 CEOs and corporate leaders at the Tugboat Institute Summit held in Sun Valley, Idaho.

The Tugboat Institute is a unique organization that provides support to Evergreen® CEOs & Founders, their teams, and their companies.

Evergreen businesses are led by purpose-driven leaders with the grit and resourcefulness to build and scale private, profitable, enduring, and market-leading businesses that make a dent in the universe. CEOs of Evergreen business live by core values that revolve around the Evergreen 7Ps® principles: Purpose, Perseverance, People First, Private, Profit, Paced Growth, and Pragmatic Innovation.

During the Summit at Sun Valley, over 200 Tugboat members came together to celebrate the ten-year milestone of the organization and the Evergreen® movement. The week’s primary focus was around 18 enlightening talks that covered a wide range of topics covering the philosophical and practical aspects of leadership. The entire week created an experience that was powerful, thought-provoking, and filled with joyous moments. Summit allowed members to pause, reflect, and appreciate the collective achievements of the Tugboat/Evergreen community.

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