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When clients hire a brand naming agency, they often perceive that what they’re buying is names – name ideas that they probably couldn’t have thought of themselves.

However, this doesn’t reveal the true value proposition of what a great naming agency like ours provides.

Here’s 10 sources of value WANT Branding provides beyond merely coming up with names:

1. Our proven process that marks the beginning and end of the naming phase (the value of having an ‘end point’ prevents situations where naming becomes an endless assignment)

2. Our NamingBlueprint™ – our proprietary brief/framework that guides name development AND provides clients an objective lens with which to evaluate names

3. Our senior leadership team that provides 25+ years counsel and assistance to help clients pick a final name

4. Our experience & understanding of the common challenges and pitfalls of naming so we can help clients navigate them

5. Our credibility & authority with decision-makers in your organization to help secure ‘buy in’ on the name

6. Our understanding of the legal/TM process and challenges and our network of legal professionals to aid the process (prior to clients legal counsel becoming involved)

7. Our network of linguists around the world who can evaluate names to ensure appropriateness and no negative connotations

8. Our proven name evaluation process to gain feedback on name candidates to guide name decision-making

9. Our ability to create & present a concise, powerful, strategic summary of the naming process to allow senior-most stakeholders to understand the ‘journey’ and help them to pick a name

10. Our strategic and general branding expertise – how we can make the best decision on a name in a way that optimizes the corporate or parent brand

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