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Coming up with a brand name might sound like a difficult task, and honestly, it kind of is. As you get your company on its feet, the name you choose for your brand carries a lot of weight as it has the potential to make your business soar (or sink).

How to come up with a company name that sticks?

The trick is to create a name that’s catchy, communicative, and easy to remember. Let’s look at the step-by-step process for coming up with a brand name that reflects your company’s mission and strength while resonating with consumers as much as possible.

How to Come up with a Brand Name?

1. Define your brand purpose

What is your brand really here to do? It’s probably something greater than providing a product or service, and it is likely a way to enhance the lives or livelihoods of your consumers. Define this purpose first before building ideas for names.

2. Outline the most important qualities you possess

What are the qualities that you bring to the table with every consumer, each time? What are the most reliable qualities you possess and will practice now and through the future of your brand? List these before brainstorming, too, as they’ll later detail your tagline.

3. Select a strategy and brainstorm accordingly

Now, determine what type of name you want to build. A few of the popular options are plays on words, rhyming, disrupting, attributes, descriptive, or evocative. Come up with a list of ideas for each strategy category.

4. Pair for context

Try out the names you like alongside your tagline, even if it’s a placeholder tagline. Some names will naturally sound better and communicate more effectively.

5. Be legally realistic

Check out the trademarks on names you like, available URLs, and social media handles. If the name you want is taken, investigate steps to take to win it or entertain the next name contenders.

6. Test it out

Say it out loud to yourself, your team, and strangers – how well does it roll off the tongue?

Benefits of a strong brand name

The list of benefits of a strong brand name is extensive. Here are just a few of the most compelling:

Consumer recognition; a strong brand name cements itself in consumer memories, making it easier for customers to recognize your brand in ads, through word of mouth, online, and on the shelves in a store.

Competitive advantage; if your brand name is catchier, stronger, and better recognized than those of your competitors, consumers have an easy time selecting your goods over those of the competition.

New product introduction; when you are ready to introduce a new product, a strong brand name provides an easy entrance that consumers are disposed to trust.

Consumer loyalty; staying loyal to a line of products is simplest when they all share the same brand name.

Strong credibility; the most often repeated brand names carve the greatest credibility for themselves in their markets.

Put your brand name at the top of marketing priorities

The many elements of marketing can feel intimidating as you curate a winning strategy for your brand and company goals. Coming up with a sticky, long-lasting brand name is one of the most important steps you will take, so take it seriously.

For many companies, the best way to ensure the strongest possible brand name is by hiring a professional naming firm.

Want Branding is your go-to team when it comes to creatively conceiving a new brand identity. Our intelligent team masters all elements of your strategy, from designing the cunning brand name that can last decades to set up a brand and marketing strategy that parallels business goals and cuts through the clutter of competitors in your market.

Reach out to our team to learn more about our services, get advice on naming your brand, and actively stride toward your business plans and goals through marketing.

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