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Branding your business name, i.e., coming up with a catchy business name is the first and the most important step in developing a brand that can sufficiently take up space, hopefully a permanent one, in your desired market.

However, a clever name is only the first half of the battle; next, you need to make sure your name has space to grow, evolve, and mark its territory as a long-lasting and trustworthy brand.

Naming and branding are two separate ideas

Naming and branding both must be executed to perfection if you want your business to make it. Naming is arguably the most important and requires an intelligent strategy to piece together a smart, effective, and memorable title. It must be a name that lends itself to building a continuous story for decades to come.

The difference between brand and company

The biggest difference between your company and your brand is personality. Your company name catches consumers’ attention; your company brand holds their attention. Let’s look at how to best build both a name and brand and alongside one another.

Name Building: Product vs Company

Both product names and company brands require a thoughtful strategy. You can build both at the same time, bearing in mind their respective differences and separate guidelines. By following the professional name and branding tips below, you can get off.

Company Naming Tips

• Create a memorable name

Conjure up a list of name ideas and run through them to see which are the stickiest and most natural to repeat and remember.

• Spark interest

While your name is to be informative, it needs to spark interest enough to learn about what you do.

• Make an expandable name

Every company name should have built-in space for further explanation, like a title without a tail that the consumer wants to chase and find.

• Consider the platform potential

Go through the platforms you intend to utilize and see if your company name has availability; if so, make sure it has a good flow with your desired mediums.

• Ensure your name flows

Practice your name in conversation and pitches – how well does it roll off the tongue?

• Make room for growth

Keep your name open enough for expansion as your company evolves.

Business Name Branding Tips

• Offer clarity

Include a descriptor phrase informing people what your company offers.

• Get specific

Supplement with a tag line that explains how you do it differently.

• Sum it up

Much like a 15-second elevator speech, it’s important to have a snippet that aptly and quickly describes the essence of your brand. In just a sentence or two, a consumer should be able to understand your name, what you do, how you do it, and why your company will last generations.

• Design to match

Design your logo to match your brand and communicate your service. Create a website that resonates with consumers and branding, and be sure to match all elements of your brand designs.

• Develop a brand voice

A brand voice includes what you stand for and how you share that conviction. Once you come up with a brand voice, stick to it through all phases of growth and expansion.

When you’re ready to name and brand your business, hiring a professional brand agency is a slick ticket to success. Want Branding is decorated with experience and powerful case studies for clients who continually pave the path in marketing strength.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our branding and naming services so you can get started on bringing your company to life and entering your respective market with sound confidence. We look forward to working with you and finding your company’s brand name.

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